Methods for equivalence clustering

cluster_hierarchical(census, distance)

cluster_concor(object, census)



A matrix returned by a node_*_census() function.


Character string indicating which distance metric to pass on to stats::dist. By default "euclidean", but other options include "maximum", "manhattan", "canberra", "binary", and "minkowski". Fewer, identifiable letters, e.g. "e" for Euclidean, is sufficient.


An object of a migraph-consistent class:

  • matrix (adjacency or incidence) from {base} R

  • edgelist, a data frame from {base} R or tibble from {tibble}

  • igraph, from the {igraph} package

  • network, from the {network} package

  • tbl_graph, from the {tidygraph} package


  • cluster_hierarchical: Returns a hierarchical clustering object created by stats::hclust()

  • cluster_concor: Returns a hierarchical clustering object created from a convergence of correlations procedure (CONCOR)


Breiger, Ronald L., Scott A. Boorman, and Phipps Arabie. 1975. "An Algorithm for Clustering Relational Data with Applications to Social Network Analysis and Comparison with Multidimensional Scaling". Journal of Mathematical Psychology, 12: 328-83. doi:10.1016/0022-2496(75)90028-0 .