This function offers a method to plot a network at two or more timepoints for quick and easy comparison. The function is currently limited to two networks and only the layout given by the first or last network, but further extensions expected.

ggevolution(..., layout = "kk", based_on = c("first", "last", "both"))



two or more networks


an igraph layout. Default is Kamada-Kawai ("kk")


whether the layout of the joint plots should be based on the "first" or the "last" network.


mpn_elite_mex <- mpn_elite_mex %>% to_subgraph(in_mpn == 1)
mpn_elite_mex2 <- generate_permutation(mpn_elite_mex)
ggevolution(mpn_elite_mex, mpn_elite_mex2)

ggevolution(mpn_elite_mex, mpn_elite_mex2, based_on = "last")

ggevolution(mpn_elite_mex, mpn_elite_mex2, based_on = "both")