The function uses approximate pattern matching to redistribute coarse layouts on square grid points, while preserving the topological relationships among the nodes (see Inoue et al. 2012).

layout_tbl_graph_frgrid(object, circular = FALSE, times = 1000)

layout_tbl_graph_kkgrid(object, circular = FALSE, times = 1000)

layout_tbl_graph_gogrid(object, circular = FALSE, times = 1000)

layout_tbl_graph_stressgrid(object, circular = FALSE, times = 1000)



An object of a migraph-consistent class:

  • matrix (adjacency or incidence) from {base} R

  • edgelist, a data frame from {base} R or tibble from {tibble}

  • igraph, from the {igraph} package

  • network, from the {network} package

  • tbl_graph, from the {tidygraph} package


Should the layout be transformed into a radial representation. Only possible for some layouts. Defaults to FALSE


Maximum number of iterations, where appropriate


Inoue, Kentaro, Shinichi Shimozono, Hideaki Yoshida, and Hiroyuki Kurata. 2012. “Application of Approximate Pattern Matching in Two Dimensional Spaces to Grid Layout for Biochemical Network Maps” edited by J. Bourdon. PLoS ONE 7(6):e37739. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0037739 .

See also

Other mapping: autographr()